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Blend tested traditions, innovative design solutions and applied technology in our commitment to fulfill our client’s directives.

Provide a written report of all functional requirements for the facility. Documenting facility type, population, delivery schedules, cold and dry storage requirements, prep / production and holding equipment requirements. Preliminary serving concepts are identified and square footage requirements for each functional area of the facility are defined.

Schematic Design

Integrate programming information to a schematic level 3D 'Revit' model or 2D plan. Provide optional layouts / models for special areas of consideration. Meet with all team members to review / comment on schematic designs. Provide preliminary equipment cost estimates. Create a hybrid equipment layout / model based on team comments. Provide overall 3D model views as well as individual components and functional areas of the facility.

Design / Development

Provide extensive design / development information for the client's review, which includes: Itemized equipment plan and 3D model, itemized cost estimate specific to the project, itemized preliminary MEP utility schedules, supporting LEED items, manufacturer equipment specification sheets and approved manufacturer list. Equipment model viewing includes full 3D on-the-fly navigation. This model is presented by our staff at your facilities or emailed to the client for their review, on their computer, at their convenience, without any 3D modeling software required.

Construction Documents

Document all physical components as well as building requirements needed for all equipment within the facility. Provide equipment, special conditions, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans. Scheduling of all utility connections. Provide Health Department plan notes. Indicate all slab and trench liner depressions, beverage conduit runs as well as wall blocking requirements. Details on disposer and booster heater diagrams, special component shop drawings and compressor heat rejection loads. Ansul fire protection system diagrams. General mechanical, electrical and plumbing coordination notes. 3D camera views of utility requirements.



Provide General and Item specifications. Includes scope, related work in other sections, quality assurance, warranty, submittal data, fabricated fixtures, plumbing / electrical trim, prefabricated cold storage assemblies, delivery and installation requirements, model, utilities, item accessory requirements and special instructions.

Construction Administration: Review all contractor rough-in submittals. Review all contractor shop drawings. Review contractor brochure submittals. Attend meetings to ensure contract compliance. Respond to all contractor RFI's. Provide observation reports upon completion of the equipment installation.


District Standards / Facility Assessments

Prototype facility design. Identify / document each functional area requirements. Assess individual or district wide facilities, reviewing for current code compliance, food safety, operational improvement and equipment replacement needs. Develop formatted assessment report categorizing deficiencies and priorities with related cost estimates.

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